Yes, Regulation Can Make Government Better

Former regulatory official Cass Sunstein explains why regulation shouldn't be a partisan issue.

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How will making things simpler make government better?

Before the Obama administration, the federal financial aid form [for college]was just so lengthy and complicated that a lot of students didn't fill out the form. What we did was to simplify it radically, and that means [more] people are able to go to college. In a society where the rule of the law is respected, ambiguity and complexity can be a serious problem.

What are the biggest regulatory challenges today?

We're about to embark on the exchanges for the Affordable Care Act and it's absolutely crucial for that to work – that people be able to navigate the system. And the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation, which involves difficult, substantive issues about costs and benefits, [will need] to coordinate the activity of a lot of different parts of the federal government.

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