Winning the Hispanic Vote With Conservative Ideas

Embracing immigration reform is not the only thing the GOP can do to win over Hispanics.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio talks about immigration reform.

Sens. Marco Rubio, John McCain and Chuck Schumer have different ideas on whether the Senate should tackle immigration reform with one large bill or multiple small ones.

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Yet even that exception proves the rule: The more clearly partisan an ad is, the more likely it is to influence its targets on trust and voting preferences. Among swing voters, our Non-Partisan Abortion ad dragged down support for Democrats by seven points, while our Partisan Abortion ad boosted support for Republican candidates by a remarkable 10 points.

The bottom line is that in order to win elections, Republican candidates must make passionate arguments in favor of their policies, emphasizing that Democrats are causing the problems they offer to solve. In approaching the Hispanic population, Republicans shouldn't run from accusations that they're socially conservative. They should explain how strong family values animate their belief in small business and free markets.

And across the board, Republicans should remember that Hispanic voters will give them no credit for shying away from a fight. As the old saying goes, fortune favors the bold.

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