Why Power Is Decaying in the Modern World

Scholar Moisés Naím explains how power is changing, and why it can hamper the ability to govern.

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How is power changing on the microlevel?

Well, we have seen a lot of power transfer to individuals. One [example] is the capacity of individuals acting alone to have immense consequences.

But also we have seen it at the level of individual companies. For example, Kodak for many years was a giant company that had almost a monopoly on everything that had to do with film and photography. And at the same time that Kodak was going bankrupt, there was a small app called Instagram with only 13 employees that was sold for a billion dollars.

What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

A different way of looking at the world. A different way of reading newspapers, watching the news or looking at their cell phones and seeing what's happening around them. A different way of interpreting how they can behave in ways that will empower them, and, at the same time, how they can be more effective in dealing with the new world that is emerging around us.

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