Gun Control Bill Hits a Wall ... But Just For Now?

The blogosphere reacts to gun control legislation getting blocked in the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
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John Hayward of Red State says despite Obama's repeated resolve that gun control is not dead, the gun rights movement must continue to reject moves to tighten laws:

No matter the fate of Manchin-Toomey, or the final destination of the rickety Newtown Gun Control Express, this lesson can be remembered and applied to every expansion of the State. What government needs are openings, and they can be very small; it can squeeze vast amounts of its bulk through tiny cracks, with patient effort. Everything is always limited, controlled, and modest at first; each new power grab affects only a tiny handful of people. You can follow that trail of promises all the way back to the primordial days of the New Deal.

But once the initial concession is made, the next round of further concessions is demanded. The State demands everything plus the kitchen sink; "reasonable" people eager to "compromise" promptly rush forward with the kitchen sink in their hands, and congratulate themselves for driving a hard bargain. The answer must be a firm no, and it must not change the second, third, or fourth time the State and its worshipers repeat their demands. The only way to keep these "reasonable compromises" from quickly growing beyond the imagination of their supporters is to make them non-starters.

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