Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

What people don't know about gun laws and the budget can hurt them.

Cartoon satirizes President Obama's chained CPI Social Security proposal

Obama's proposal will undoubtedly cure this particular flavor of ignorance, but at what cost? Double-poxers acknowledged the seriousness of his proposal; but they have a fallback position when Republicans balk: They will bemoan the GOP's unreasonableness; but, because both sides must be at fault, they will decry Obama for a failure of leadership

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Republicans, predictably, rejected the budget before it was even unveiled while trying, again, to bank Obama's concessions. And that's the ultimate danger of his budget: Without extracting any reciprocal compromise, Obama has made entitlement cuts the official position of his administration.

Now the GOP is running its entitlements three-step: first they insist Obama agree to cuts, second they dismiss his offer as too "modest," as House Speaker John Boehner did last week, and finally they deplore the "modest" offer they demanded as a "shocking attack on seniors," as National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden did Wednesday. Team Obama might recall having seen these moves before, as when Paul Ryan and his colleagues swing back and forth between embracing Obamacare's Medicare cuts during election and embracing them during budget writing. But those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it.

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