Make It in America

Congress must take concrete steps to help our manufacturing sector expand and to create opportunities for our middle class.

Young foreman and engineer examining the metal in factory.
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Finally, in order to remain the world's greatest center for innovation, we must train and secure a highly skilled 21st century workforce. Manufacturing businesses will locate production where they know they can count on a supply of experienced, skilled and innovative workers. Not only will Congress have to invest strategically in education and job training programs that prepare workers for in-demand jobs, it must also ensure that we are not losing the foreign students we train to jobs overseas. As Congress works on immigration reform, expanding visas for highly skilled graduates in fields like engineering and technology ought to be part of any agreement.

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House Democrats are introducing legislation to move us toward achieving each of these four objectives. Progress in these areas would constitute a home run for our manufacturing sector. For the wider economy, which would benefit from the multiplier effect manufacturing growth has traditionally had, it would be a grand slam.

Over the coming weeks, I hope Republicans and Democrats will come together behind these four Make It In America priorities so Congress can take real and purposeful action to strengthen manufacturing and job growth in our country. For the sake of our middle class and the opportunities that preserve and strengthen it, it's time for Congress to take back America's home field advantage in manufacturing and help our private sector compete and win, putting more Americans back to work.

I am a strong proponent of getting our country on a sound fiscal footing and growing jobs in America. But, if we simply strive for financial balance and fail to invest in education, innovation, and infrastructure, we will ultimately fail to do either.

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