Wait, We're Eating What?

Reporter Michael Moss explains how Americans became hooked on junk food.

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How can the industry be changed?

I think louder consumer voices in buying decisions can compel the industry to make some meaningful changes in their formulas and marketing. I'm really struck by industry officials who don't like government regulation, but say that in the case of the food industry, the companies are so competitive that regulation might be a good thing in that it gives them cover from Wall Street, which puts them under huge pressure to achieve revenue and profits.

What food industry secrets will most surprise readers?

One, on a personal level, many food company executives don't eat their own products for health reasons. And two, the companies themselves are more hooked on salt, sugar and fat than we are because they're miracle ingredients that enable them to preserve and keep the products low cost along with being utterly tasty. The depth of the industry's own dependence was really surprising to me.

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