The GOP's Secret Weapon

The GOP has one thing Democrats don't: State leaders getting things done.

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However, don't expect to hear much from the left about Democratic governors. While the 2012 Obama campaign is justifiably proud of the high-tech tools that mobilized core Democratic constituencies as never before, that's about all the party has. There is no bench of reformist Democratic governors to draw from in 2016—with the possible exceptions of Jerry Brown of California (best known for enacting a massive tax hike) and Andrew Cuomo of New York (best known for proposing gun control). There's a reason the only Democratic presidential contenders we've been hearing about are Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Where the Democrats are in charge—in Washington, D.C.—there is nothing but paralysis. Any progress in terms of innovation, government reform, job creation, deregulation, infrastructure improvements and fiscal responsibility is taking place outside of Washington, mostly in Republican states. And it's happening in spite of Washington, not because of it. We won't be hearing much from the left about Democratic governors, because the Democratic Party's more-taxes-more-spending-more-government agenda in Washington is not sustainable in the long run. Happy days aren't here for long.

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