Ken Cuccinelli: Obama Has Trampled the Constitution and Hurt Our Economy

Ken Cuccinelli talks about the Obama administration's federal abuses of power.

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I think the only real solution to that is, frankly, more money, if anybody is willing to put it in. If funding were provided for more machines and more poll workers, we could process people faster. The other thing we can do at the state level is try to be a little more careful about having less items on the ballot.

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You're running for governor against Terry McAuliffe. Are there any areas of agreement between the two of you?

We're both motivated to increase employment in Virginia, though I also want to increase economic activity, and I strongly suspect we have very different ideas about how that may best be achieved.

Why should the president read your book?

He should read my book to have second thoughts about reining in all of these agencies that he oversees, or appoints people to oversee, that have been so overly aggressive for breaking the law, trampling the Constitution, and hurting our economy.

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