Clearing the Air on an Opaque EPA

President Obama's EPA has been wielding unprecedented administrative power.

Gina McCarthy, assistant administrator with the Environmental Protection Agency,  is being nominated to run the environmental agency, sources say.
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This wasn't in reaction to a particular request that may have been overbroad. Rather, this was general advice regarding a standard "protocol"—EPA's regular method of stonewalling and obstruction. It lays out that EPA's standard practice includes denying public information requests and threatening the requester with having to pay more.

If Gina McCarthy wants to become the new EPA administrator, she'll need to answer many obvious and pertinent questions about all of this. One area I'll start with is her active coordination with Al Armendariz in shutting down key energy projects. In an email celebrating the death of a petroleum coke plant in Texas, Armendariz wrote in one email: "Gina's new air rules will soon be the icing on the cake."

President Obama's EPA has been wielding unprecedented administrative power over large parts of our economy. Surely American citizens have the right to know how radical its agenda truly is, how it develops its hugely impactful regulations, and if it's been colluding behind the scenes with outside far-left groups.

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