The GOP's Secret Sauce for Winning Back Young Voters

The future of the party lies in socially-tolerant, fiscally conservative young Republicans.

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John Goodwin of the young Republican group Proximus told Draper, "…we want to be able to show voters that we have a diversity of opinion. Right now, Republicans have such a small number of vocal messengers. What we want to do is add more microphones and eventually drown out the others." We need more microphones for socially tolerant, limited-government conservatives who see Obama's big bureaucratic solutions as harmful to the entrepreneurial, innovative, more-options-not-less Facebook and iPod generation.

There are plenty of voters who are pro-life with exceptions; who find universal background checks completely consistent with the Second Amendment; and who believe that gay Americans deserve the same rights as the rest of us. They want secure borders and a reasonable path to citizenship for immigrants, and a strong safety net in place for future generations. They believe big government and rising debt are threats to economic growth and individual freedom. Those mainstream voters should be Republicans. That's where most Americans are, and that's where the mainstream of the Republican Party should be. Time to bring back the secret sauce.

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