Eisenhower and Nixon: Secrets of an Unlikely Pair

Journalist Jeffrey Frank explores the strange political marriage between Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon.

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Why did Eisenhower finally decide to support Nixon's run for the presidency?

There really wasn't anyone else. I think the fact that his grandson, David, was about to marry Nixon's younger daughter had a huge effect on him. His wife, Mamie, was also pushing him to do it.

What might people take away from this book?

I hope they take away from it a new view of that part of our history. They'll also take away a new view of Eisenhower, who might not come across as the warm-hearted man he's always portrayed as. They'll take away that Nixon was also a far more complicated person than the popular image of him. The Nixon that everyone remembers is the Nixon beleaguered by Vietnam and the terrible scandal that drove him out of office. They'll have a different view of the history of the 20th century and how these two men affected it.

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