3 Ways to Radically Remake U.S. Schools and Education

The United States must embrace the change required to reinvent our education system.

A high school student raises his hand to answer a question in the classroom.
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We are on the cusp of significant change that, if fully embraced, will lead to an education system that works for everyone. Whether you're a teacher, a parent, a legislator or an everyday citizen, we all must do our part to confidently and boldly embrace change that will lead to innovation and transformation.

The president proposed that every day we ask ourselves three questions as a nation: How do we attract more jobs to our shores? How do we equip our people with the skills needed to do those jobs? And how do we make sure that hard work leads to a decent living? The answer for all three is grounded in giving our students a solid, modern education that is worthy of them. Our economic survival depends on it.

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