Blog Buzz: Congress Wants More Drone Oversight

The blogosphere notes questioning of CIA director nominee John Brennan demonstrated congressional desire for more information on drone policy.


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Anonymous blogger Allahpundit of conservative site Hot Air said President Obama's drone policy must indeed be subject to oversight, but that Congress might not be the body to do so.

I agree that there needs to be some sort of check on the president in exercising this power; I'm just not sure that it should be Congress, which was so squeamish about having to take a vote on intervening in Libya that they all but endorsed Obama's flouting of the War Powers Act. Politicians will almost always err on the side of authorizing a drone strike because the political consequences of attacking and screwing up by killing innocent foreigners are less severe than the consequences of not attacking and then having to explain yourself if/when the would-be target launches an attack that kills innocent Americans. That's a brutal calculus, but that's how it is.

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Allahpundit goes on to suggest perhaps the courts are a more appropriate venue, because judges are insulated from political pressure and could objectively decide what merit a targeted kill has.

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