Seeds of the American Revolution

Historian Kevin Phillips explains the political and economic events that spurred the American Revolution.

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Was there a turning point in the war?

By the summer of 1775, a number of British governors had been forced to flee. Essentially, there's a turning point that people don't know is a turning point. It was that the British could not maintain control of the 13 colonies during 1775. They were obliged to re-invade the colonies in 1776, and they were partly successful, but not successful enough.

What is typically misunderstood about the American Revolution?

Some people think that the American Revolution didn't really involve all that much bad blood and acrimony, like it was a bunch of people standing around discussing great ideas, and that wasn't true. It was a very hard thing for people to do because it was the first revolution by Europeans in the New World against the European power that had settled the country. So, psychologically it wasn't easy.

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