The Classroom of the Future

The founder of Khan Academy talks about how technology and new teaching models can transform education.

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Do you see any promising education reforms in place right now?

There's a bunch. Look at some of these Department of Education grants they've been giving to districts to try to embrace blended learning, embrace self-paced learning, and things like that. That's a good sign. We see a lot of openness at the state government level in many states, of thinking about kind of a competency model of education.

Why should Education Secretary Arne Duncan or other leaders read your book?

I view this as a two-way stream. A lot of what I write about I learned from teachers. There's no silver bullet here. I think anyone, but especially people who are really in the middle of it, hopefully they'll find the book as a clarifying tool. To take a step back and say, OK, maybe I agree with Sal, maybe I don't agree with Sal. But this book gives me license to take a step back and question some of our primary assumptions.

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