Why Millennials Aren't Growing Up

Robin Marantz Henig and her daughter Samantha explore how millenials approach careers, marriage, and economics.

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You also found a lot of similarities between young adults across generations. So why does this research matter?

Robin: I was glad to find so many similarities. I thought that was what did matter because of all of this stress and anxiety about whether kids will ever grow up. To the extent that that has all been expressed before by previous generations, I found that really interesting and really reassuring.

What is the message for twentysomethings?

Samantha: A lot of the people that we talked to were very stressed out about the choices that they're making in this period. If I had to give advice it would be: Don't worry. A lot of people are feeling this way and a lot of people in previous generations felt that way, too, and they turned out OK.

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