The Shocking Truth on Entitlements

Entitlement spending is the highest in history, and both parties are to blame.

Retirees are likely to get smaller monthly payments using this new measure of inflation
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Both political parties are fueling the entitlement society. Eberstadt points out that entitlement spending tended to be an average of 8 percent higher under Republican presidents than Democratic ones—and singles out the Nixon, Ford, and George W. Bush administrations as "especially lavish" in their entitlement spending. Not only has the Obama administration continued the unrestrained spending, it has succeeded in celebrating government aid as part of the American Dream. Public assistance is now seen as a basic civil right of all Americans, thanks to both parties.

Former Wyoming senator Alan Simpson said last week, "Entitlements are the engine on the train driving us to the cliff." He's right. Forget about fiddling with tax rates—there isn't enough money in America to pay for all this spending. Until voters start demanding serious entitlement reform, that speeding train will take us all over the cliff together. If that doesn't get your heart racing, nothing will—though this book isn't for the faint of heart.

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