The Truth Behind Obamacare's 'Death Panels'

We should be able to make our own healthcare decisions at an individual level.

Woman waiting for the doctor

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Americans should ask themselves: Is this really how medical decisions should be made?

Of course, cost has to be a consideration when it comes to healthcare, as it is with every decision made in life. Everyday Americans weigh costs against the benefit of additional safety, when we buy cars, new appliances, or decide what path to take home. Yet such cost-benefit considerations should be made, whenever possible, at the individual level. Americans should be concerned when it is the government, or in the case of Obamacare, a small cadre of politically-influenced bureaucrats that comprise the Independent Payment Advisory Board, who are tasked with making a cost-benefit analysis for all Americans.

Call it a death panel, call it rationing, but you cannot call it a system that comports with the American principles of a limited government and free, independent citizens.

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