Live-Blogging the Joe Biden-Paul Ryan Vice Presidential Debate

Left and right discuss the 2012 vice presidential debate.

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Robert Schlesinger 9:54: Mitt Romney as governor of Massachusetts issued 800 vetoes.

Ron Bonjean 9:53: Biden should wise up. America's problems and solutions to them aren't funny. How do women feel about Biden acting like a sarcastic bully? Sober up.

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Robert Schlesinger 9:53: Ryan's full of malarkey, to use Biden's phrase. The studies he claims make the Romney numbers add up aren't studies at all, but op-eds. Independent analysis from the Tax Policy Center showed that it's not mathematically possible. Ryan is speaking form a fantasy world.

Peter Roff 9:53: The Ryan-Sununu social security plan to which the vice president referred earlier guaranteed benefits no worse than the current system. Benefits could only be higher with private accounts. Vice President Biden can't add and doesn't understand economics.

Peter Roff 9:49: A quick check of social media suggests that more people are talking about Vice President Biden's grinning and smirking than about anything else in the debate. That will not help the Obama/Biden ticket slow the Romney/Ryan surge. Ryan, by the way, seems more confident about the GOP tax plan than Biden did about what either the Democrats or the Republicans want to do on taxes.

Robert Schlesinger 9:48: Larry Sabato ( @LarrySabato): "Obama stunned by doing so badly. Biden is stunning by doing so well." Boris Epshteyn 9:46: Joe Biden should stop interrupting Paul Ryan, it is completely unprofessional and makes him seem as if he is eager to get out talking points. The question that is begged is why does Joe Biden dislike Paul Ryan so much?

Peter Roff 9:41: Ryan scores on "they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar" on Medicare and Medicaid. And with his gentle and respectful suggestion that the debate needs more civility. Biden is trying to deliver the performance the liberals wanted Barack Obama to give in his first debate with Mitt Romney. That's a mistake. You can't win today's battle by fighting yesterday's war. Ryan has the data clearly on his side.

Robert Schlesinger 9:39: Biden nails the Medicare question like Raul Ibanez and a fat fastball in the late innings of a close game.

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Peter Roff 9:38: Vice President Joe Biden is at a disadvantage having to go second on the entitlements question. Ryan has the facts. Biden doesn't.

AARP has asked the White House and the Obama campaign to stop claiming they endorsed what the administration did.

Robert Schlesinger 9:38: And on the stimulus, Biden should have pointed out that according to the nonpartisan CBO, the stimulus was responsible for adding as many as 3.3 million jobs. Yeah, I'd say that was money well spent.

Robert Schlesinger 9:37: Biden landing body blows on Ryan asking for stimulus money. By the way I love the forced smiles on both sides.

Boris Epshteyn 9:36: Vice President Biden has been angry since the debate began, the constant laughing and smirking (especially as they talk about Libya, Iran, and economic hardship) is making him appear as if he is losing it.

Paul Ryan appears calmer and more measured. Both candidates have a good handle on the facts so far.

Robert Schlesinger 9:36: Independent analysts say that 12 million jobs will be created over the next four years anyway.

Robert Schlesinger 9:35: Biden strong on the economy. Note how he's harping on responsibility—that's a key word for Democrats in communicating with middle class voters. [See a collection of political cartoons on the Republican Party.]

Peter Roff 9:34: Ryan scores on "Was it a good idea to spend stimulus money on windmills in China?" Biden ignores the point.

Peter Roff 9:32: Vice President Joe Biden just distorted badly what the federal government did with General Motors. The fact is, as the Government Accountability Office has made clear, what got bailed out was the United Auto Workers union. General Motors is still in jeopardy. Talk to the people who used to work for Delphi who weren't in the union about what the Obama administration did. Not to mention all the hard-working people at the auto dealerships they closed, all the mechanics, car salesmen. Ryan scores points when he schools Biden on what the unemployment rate is in Biden's hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania now—10 percent—and what it was when Obama and Biden came into office—8.5 percent. Ryan, now that he is on domestic policies and the economy, is sounding as strong as the data he is offering. Biden is still talking around the issues in platitudes and economic homilies.