Media Owe Voters a Discussion of Real Issues During Debates

As the first presidential debate approaches, voters voice their desire to hear specifics from Obama and Romney.

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The responses we got last week fill out that picture, illustrating that voters crave straight talk about what the candidates will do to turn this nation around. (The questions submitted on national security and military strength were equally pointed.)

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By now, it seems like the political press corps has grown bored with discussing the key policy challenges our nation faces; they prefer covering the excitement of the horse race. That's a shame, because the American people deserve a deeper, substantive look at what this election means for the future.

Maybe the media would be more entertained by the debate approach suggested by one of our correspondents: "Winner in a cage fight gets my vote." We got a chuckle out of that one, but there's nothing funny about the failure of the media to contend with the real questions voters want to see addressed in this year's debates.

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