Why Bill and Hillary Clinton Are Still Married

Historian William Chafe provides insight into one of the most powerful political couples in the country.

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What will readers be surprised by?

Betsey Wright, who was his chief of staff and one of Hillary's closest supporters—her experience will surprise people. She had a list of all the people that she knew that Bill had slept with when he was governor, and then she was stunned when she confronted Bill with this and he added to that list large numbers of names. People are going to be surprised at the fact that it was as widely known by as many people as it was.

What's the Clintons' relationship like today?

I think they still talk a great deal, but I don't think they see each other very often.

What's in store for their political futures?

I believe that Hillary will run for president in 2016, based on who she is as a human being and her sense of mission, her sense of having a moral calling.

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