Mike Honda: Romney-Ryan Budget Would Devastate American Families

Barack Obama has the right approach to protect America’s future, says Rep. Mike Honda.

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President Barack Obama has done more to diversify and protect our workforce, employ and retrain Americans, fix our failing infrastructure, incentivize business to build it in America, provide for the health of all Americans, and keep our kids in school, than any past president in recent history.

Look at what we've done already: Equal pay? Check. Made in America? Check. Financial reform? Check. Small biz breaks? Check. Gay marriage? Check. Support for students? Check. Clean energy? Check. Farm aid? Check.

Healthcare reform? Check. See the successes: Over 5 million seniors with Medicare saved over $4 billion on prescription drugs, average savings of $700 per person, and 18 million seniors using preventative services like mammograms or cancer screening at no extra cost.

[See photos of Michelle Obama reaching out to Democrats.]

President Obama's second term? Immigration reform? Check. Climate change? Check. Mortgage refinancing? Check. Middle class tax cuts? Check. And the list goes on.

President Barack Obama stands with the American people, not with the elites that benefit from loopholes, bailouts, and giveaways. President Barack Obama stands for fairness, equality and opportunity for all. Contrast this with Mitt Romney's privatized world: a sink or swim situation with no one looking out for you but yourself.

This is the fundamental difference between the two candidates. The choice is clear. We've got work to do. In the next two months, let's leave no stone unturned, no door unknocked, and no neighbor unvisited, as we make sure President Barack Obama is elected president once more.

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