Democrats' Guide to the GOP Convention: Thursday Night

Here's everything you need to know on the last night of the Republican National Convention.

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Republicans love him because: He's a rising Latino star and Tea Party favorite.
Democrats don't like him because: He had been developing immigration reform similar to that announced by Obama in June, and accused the president of using his deportation stay immigration policy for young undocumented immigrants for political gain. Mitt Romney

You know him because: He's the former governor of Massachusetts and is the Republican presidential nominee.
He doesn't want you to remember: He has made a number of gaffes on the campaign trail, including that he likes "being able to fire people," that he is "not concerned about the very poor," and that London's preparations for the Olympic Games were "disconcerting." He has also changed his stance on abortion, climate change, and whether the healthcare overhaul he passed as governor could work on national level.
Republicans love him because: He is their nominee to defeat Obama and retake the White House.
Democrats don't like him because: He opposes the Affordable Care Act despite championing similar legislation while he was governor of Massachusetts.

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