Democrats' Guide to the GOP Convention: Wednesday

Here's everything Democrats think you should know about the speakers on the second night of the RNC.

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Democrats don't like her because: Rice had a strong hand in initiating the Iraq war, propelling the falsehood that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction that could be used against the United States. Susana Martinez

You know her because: She's the governor of New Mexico and the country's first female Hispanic governor.
She doesn't want you to remember: She was fired from her post as assistant district attorney of the Third Judicial District, partially because of a conflict of interest with her husband, a law enforcement officer.
Republicans love her because: Martinez is a Hispanic woman and helps the GOP with its case that the party is diversifying,
Democrats don't like her because: Previously a Democrat, Martinez joined the Republican Party in 1995. Paul Ryan

You know him because: He's a U.S. representative from Wisconsin and Mitt Romney's vice presidential nominee.
He doesn't want you to remember: He requested $20 million in federal stimulus funds for his district but openly criticizes the Recovery Act and what he sees as excessive government spending.
Republicans love him because: His budget has become a rallying cry for fiscal conservatives, who say Ryan is willing to make tough choices in order to prevent the country from plunging over the fiscal cliff.
Democrats don't like him because: Ryan's budget cuts taxes for the wealthy but raises them for the middle class, and would overhaul Medicare by replacing it with a voucher system.

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