American Leaders are Wusses

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell talks about why politicians need more courage.


Has a lack of courage changed our relationship with other countries?

We used to be the country that drove everything. But now you see the Chinese manipulating their currency to give their companies a huge advantage over us. They allow their companies to steal our intellectual property, they dump product into the U.S. to drive our businesses out of existence, and all we do is say "Please stop."

Is it important to pay attention to polls?

If I were king of the world, I would bar favorable/unfavorable rankings. I would only allow them maybe once a year. Because right now, every week they check their favorable/unfavorable rankings and decide what they can and can't do. Can you image if we had these rankings when Abe Lincoln was president? He would have been down at 7 or 8 percent by the end of his second year as president.

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