Marco Rubio on How Republicans Can Win Hispanic Voters

The Republican Senator says his party must stop alienating Latinos.


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Are there elements of the Dream Act that you would support?

I think the goal of the Dream Act, to help accommodate young kids who through no fault of their own have grown up here and are undocumented, is something that I think we can do. Primarily through the granting of a non-immigrant visa to allow them to study and ultimately to work in this country. And then eventually be eligible to be petitioned for, not through a special pathway but through the existing legal immigration pathway. I've laid out that idea and I've been working on that for months and will continue to do it.

How do you explain your sudden prominence in Washington?

I don't know. I mean, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. I hope that I'm one of what I think are many good spokespeople across the country for the principles of limited government and free enterprise.

How would you like to serve Mitt Romney?

In the Senate, I'll hopefully work side by side with the Romney White House to push forward an agenda, particularly on some of these key issues of economic growth.

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