40 Years After Title IX, Men Still Get Better Sports Opportunities

Football keeps eating up larger portions of athletic budgets, and Title IX keeps getting blamed.

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The challenges that continue today for women athletes today speak to larger inequities that women still face. Yes, Title IX revolutionized women's participation, but women in this nation still make 77 cents to every dollar men make. On the anniversary of a law about fairness, we should remember that while we're running toward the end zone, we haven't completed the touchdown. We must continue to work every day to overcome the obstacles that still face women in sports, and to address issues of pay equity, equal access to health care for women, and family-friendly workplace policies. Fair play goes further than the field or the arena—it applies to our economic, social, and political systems as well.

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  • Corrected on 06/27/2012: A previous version of this article misstated when the author began developing the Title IX intercollegiate athletics policy. She began work on the policy 34 years ago.