The Case for Mitt Romney to Pick Jim DeMint for Vice President

DeMint would bring in southern conservatives in race against Barack Obama.


And as a Southern conservative, DeMint's presence on the ticket would be an open call to conservatives in the South and in key battleground states such as Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and Pennsylvania to take up arms in the proverbial ground war where Romney is sure to be outspent hugely by Obama.

DeMint is also a "two-fer," with one foot firmly planted in each base. His history as a self-made businessman dovetails with Romney's personal narrative. DeMint's reliability as a stalwart Southern Christian will help offset the qualms many have over Romney's Mormon faith.

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While Beth Meyers, Romney's choice to vet potential candidates, scrutinizes a litany of potential choices that reflect similar style and philosophies as Romney, the bold choice lies outside in someone like DeMint. Romney needs to recognize those shortcomings he has and seek someone who can complement him, rather than simply mirror him.

In a campaign sure to be marked with historic campaign expenditures, especially from Super PACS, Romney's selection of DeMint would do well to focus his campaign on energizing a base that is already looking for any reason to come out and defeat the President.

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