Paul Krugman: Mitt Romney Doesn't Mean Anything He's Saying

The Nobel winning economist talks about Romney, European austerity, and why stimulus isn't a dirty word.

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What happens if Mitt Romney wins?

First of all, the question is: What does Romney actually believe? I actually say in the book he's not a stupid man. But given some of the things he's said lately, I've started to reconsider that. Arguably, Romney, in his inner beliefs, if he has any inner beliefs, is actually more of a Keynesian than he would ever let on. In a way, the Romney election slogan should be: Vote for Romney, he doesn't mean anything he is saying. But I am not sure that he would actually have the ability to do it, even if he believes that this Republican approach to macroeconomics is all wrong. He's going to have the problem that he has a rabid congressional party. I think that your best bet, if Romney is in fact elected, is that he, either out of personal conviction or out of sheer inability and unwillingness to stand up to the crazies, will send us down the road to a European-type slump.

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