Does the GOP Need to Rein in Ron Paul Supporters?

Recent scuffles at Republican Party events across the country have raised concerns that Paul supporters need to be controlled.


Although Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul won’t campaign in the remaining primary states, his supporters have been shaking things up at caucuses and campaign events across the country. Supporters of the libertarian have recently been accused of trying to take over the state delegation in Idaho, and booed front-runner Mitt Romney’s son at a campaign event in Arizona.

The campaign quickly issued a statement to quell fears that the campaign was sanctioning "an alleged takeover" of Republican Party caucuses in an effort to gain delegates.  Paul has 107 delegates to Romney’s 991, with 1,144 needed to clinch the nomination.

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The Paul campaign said it "condemns efforts to expand its influence in the Republican Party in Idaho and beyond when these activities are couched as vengeful, underhanded, or markedly distasteful."

However, the campaign also asserted that "Paul supporters have every right to vociferously and energetically engage their party structures to introduce Dr. Paul’s winning message into existing party organizations," a statement indicating the campaign has no intention of calling supporters off their path to spread the libertarian agenda.

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In light of this, the GOP may need to step in and prevent Paul supporters from continuing the scuffles, further fracturing the party, and taking the focus off defeating President Obama in November.

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