Is Barack Obama a 'Fear and Division' President?

The Republican National Committee launches campaign accusing Obama of hypocrisy.


As Ken Walsh reports, the Republican National Committee is launching a "fear and division" campaign against Barack Obama, arguing that his presidency has been marked by "broken promises and hypocrisy" rather than "hope" and "change." They are ramping up their media message with "advertising, web videos, social media, mobile technology, rapid response, blog posts, opinion pieces, grassroots outreach and more," according to the committee's communications director Sean Spicer, including this video, titled "Obama 2012: From 'Hope' to Hypocrisy"  posted on Friday.

The video, juxtaposing recent interviews and sound bites to those from Obama's 2008 campaign, asserts that the president "will say anything to get re-elected," and that the  "scare tactics" and negative campaigning he decried in 2008 Obama is now using against former Gov. Mitt Romney, who is leading the race for GOP presidential nomination.

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What do you think? Has Obama shifted from "hope and change" to "fear and division" since becoming president? Take the poll and comment below.

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