Bad Idea Legislation

From alternative currencies to dwarf tossing, the wackiest bills sponsored by states across the country.

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The Tennessee state Senate this month passed a bill encouraging teachers to give both sides of "controversial" topics such as evolution and global warming. Maybe they hope to set up a modern-day Scopes monkey trial.

The never-ending crazy. The Tennessee House also voted overwhelmingly this month to condemn a two-decade-old nonbinding United Nations sustainable development plan as a "destructive and insidious" communist plot. Not to be outdone, Wyoming's legislature debated (and killed) legislation that called for the state to start making plans for a catastrophe that incapacitated the federal government—including the possibility of setting up an "alternative currency" to the U.S. dollar. Another provision, which would have looked into setting up a draft and acquiring an aircraft carrier, was added with the intent of sinking the bill. It succeeded.

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Not all state lawmakers look abroad with fear. Three New Hampshire representatives proposed a bill (since killed) requiring that all Granite State legislation include a quotation from the Magna Carta "which sets forth the article from which the individual right or liberty is derived."

Of course, this would have run afoul of the movement against sharia, or Islamic law. Legislators in 22 states have introduced bills banning courts from applying foreign or sharia laws, a mystifying solution in search of a nonexistent problem.

And did I mention the Florida lawmaker who wants to repeal the state's ban on dwarf-tossing?

You can't make this stuff up—literally. If you guessed that all of these examples are real, you get full credit. If you guessed the "every sperm is sacred" bills were too absurd to be true, you get half credit: Their sponsors proffered them with legislative tongues planted firmly in cheeks.

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