Thomas Frank: Obama Will Not Stand Up for His Party's Politics

The author of 'Pity the Billionaire' discusses the Republican Party's road to the right .

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What do you make of the "99 percent" and Occupy movements?

What I loved about the 99 percent thing is that that really struck home. Millions of Americans could read that and say, "Oh my God, that's me." Camping out in a public space is very different. That doesn't have the same kind of appeal.

What can Romney learn from the new conservatism?

He's got to learn how to do it. He tries to talk that way, talk about tyranny or talk about the terrible crisis of having Barack Obama as president. But he's not convincing, he clearly doesn't believe it.

What can Obama learn from your book?

The public is deeply distrustful of government. At times like this it should be the other way around. Think of all the incredible corporate scandals of the last decade. He should be making the case for government. His party is going to be ID-ed as the party of government whether they like it or not. He should be out there fighting for that. If you had to put your finger on one failing that is an umbrella for all of the other ones, that's what it is. The man will not stand up for his party's traditional politics.

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