Women Are Not United In Favor of the Obama Contraceptive Mandate

Religious male leaders aren't the only ones opposed to Obama's contraceptive mandate.

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This isn't the first time the left has minimized the significance and even denied the existence of women who disagree with it.

A stock accusation by abortion supporters has long been that the prolife movement is an effort by men, who themselves need not worry about the "inconvenience" of becoming pregnant, to keep women subordinated.

Whether intentionally or out of ignorance, that view belittles the many millions of women of every religious stripe who believe the unborn's right to life is absolute. In the name of protecting "women's rights," it categorically disregards the beliefs of anyone who dares to voice a contrary opinion.

In effect, the message from those who think birth control and abortion should be freely available is that when it comes to respecting women's voices in important political debates, those who disagree with the feminist agenda need not be considered.

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