How Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith Makes Him More American

Religious historian Matthew Bowman discusses how voters should understand Mitt Romney's religion.


There are several members of the Senate who are Mormon right now, and there is much less discussion of their faith than there is of Romney's, because it is the presidency. But I think if Romney were to be elected president there would be not that much more discussion of his religion once he's in the White House than there has been of other presidents' religion.

Why should voters read your book?

Because I think Mormonism has shaped in a lot of ways who Mitt Romney is and it has given him assumptions and ways of thinking that are deeply ingrained in his leadership style and the way he understands his place in American life. Mormonism may not be so titillating and lurid and strange as many Americans think it is, but nonetheless it remains an important faith on the American landscape. One thing I hope people might find is how similar the desires, the aspirations, the visions that Mormons have are to the things that people themselves want and the things that many Americans believe about themselves.

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