Should Newt Gingrich Drop Out of the 2012 Race?

The Rick Santorum campaign calls for Newt Gingrich step aside so Santorum can take on Mitt Romney.


Newt Gingrich may have won his home state of Georgia in Super Tuesday's Republican primaries, but the Santorum campaign is still calling for the former speaker of the House to drop out of the 2012 race. One of former Sen. Rick Santorum's top advisers, Joe Brabender, told the press Tuesday, "If he finishes third in all the Southern states except Georgia, the path is for him to move aside and let us have a one-on-one shot with Romney." Gingrich declined to meet Brabender's demands, not cracking the top-two in any other state Tuesday night. "With Gingrich exiting the race it would be a true head-to-head race and conservatives would be able to make a choice between a consistent conservative in Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney," argued Stuart Roy, an adviser to Red White and Blue Fund, a Super PAC supporting Rick Santorum. However, Gingrich insists he is in it for the long haul. In his Georgia victory speech Tuesday, he compared himself to a tortoise ( an analogy he has used before), "It's all right, there are lots of bunny rabbits that run through… I just take one step at a time."

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