Understanding the Real Mitt Romney

Scott Helman, co-author of 'The Real Romney,' discuss the elusive candidate

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He's been criticized for his comments about the poor. Is it taken out of context?

He's not the world's best retail campaigner; I think even he would acknowledge that. I think the big problem going into the general election, if he's the nominee, is that he's got to find a way to talk about his success and his wealth in a way that doesn't turn people off.

Did anything in your research surprise you?

The level of charity and how generous he and his family have been to people who were in need. Almost everyone you talk to who knows him has several stories, large and small, of ways that they've helped people. And that's not something he's talked about that much, but I think it's something that reflects well on him, especially as he's getting criticized for not connecting well with people.

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