Which was the Best Super Bowl Commercial?

People are buzzing about ads by Chrysler, Bud Light, Sketchers, Pepsi, and Honda.


While New York Giants fans celebrate Eli Manning and company's 21-17 Super Bowl win over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, everyone is talking about the commercials aired during Sunday night's game. Chrysler's " It's Halftime in America" ad featured Clint Eastwood and celebrated the auto industry's comeback since the recent government bailout. Matthew Broderick reprised his role as Ferris Bueller in a Honda CR-V ad that alluded to scenes from his classic 1986 movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Bud Light had a number of spots, including a commercial touting Weego the rescue dog, who fetched beers for his masters. Sketchers also used a dog to sell its product: Mr. Quiggly, a French bull dog who donned Sketchers sneakers to outrun Greyhound race dogs and moonwalk over the finish line. Elton John starred in a Pepsi ad that also included The X Factor winner Melanie Amaro demanding "Pepsi for all" and rapper/reality TV star Flavor Flav.

What do you think? Which was the best Super Bowl commercial? Take the poll and comment below.

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