Barack Obama's Green Energy House of Cards

Solyndra is just one of many government pet projects that have failed on the taxpayer's dime.

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But, instead of answering for the failures of his green policies, Obama suggests further investment in his green economy because "we have subsidized oil companies for a century." To which I say, "Wonderful, let's stop subsidizing both of them!" But the energy industry isn't looking for handouts. It simply wants permission to explore and build pipelines that will make us more energy independent and employ tens of thousands of Americans. Obama's inexplicable rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline shows that Obama isn't just trying to subsidize the "green economy" from every possible angle, he's trying to squash its natural alternatives as well. Stripped of its environmentalist pretensions, this can only be called one thing: crony capitalism.

No matter how many subsidies you pile on, however, the market inevitably crushes such government-fostered weaklings. And, as the battery makers and solar panel firms continue to fail, it will become increasingly clear to the American people that the government's "clean energy investments" have been little more than a cheap grift. And with a staggering deficit looming over every fiscal decision our government makes, our representatives should have little choice but to stomp out such obvious inefficiency and waste. America's best has always been born of competition, and only through competition will America prosper in whichever industries take root in the future.

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