Who Will Be the Next GOP Candidate to Drop Out of the 2012 Race?

The New Hampshire primary is the next major test for Republican presidential candidates.

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There are many make-or-break moments for presidential hopefuls in the lead up to the nomination. August's Ames Straw Poll broke former Gov. Tim Pawlenty's campaign, Tuesday's Iowa caucuses derailed Rep. Michele Bachmann's. Next week's New Hampshire primary may be another such test for the field of GOP 2012 contenders. Former Gov. Jon Huntsman, who has yet to enjoy the sort of "boomlet" other candidates have experienced, is betting big on New Hampshire. The Boston Globe's endorsement of the former ambassador to China gave him some much needed attention, but if Huntsman cannot energize his campaign with a strong showing in the Granite State there is little hope for him in the primaries that follow. Former Sen. Rick Santorum profited off a similar gamble in Iowa. Though he has spent most of the last months in the lower tier, he nearly defeated former Gov. Mitt Romney in the caucuses in the Hawkeye State where he spent considerably more time than the other candidates. However, his new-found momentum may come to a screeching halt in New Hampshire, as many residents are turned off by his very conservative social views. Former Gov. Rick Perry, to the surprise of many including some of his own staff members, decided to stay in the race despite a poor performance in Iowa. However he is skipping New Hampshire altogether, choosing rather to campaign in South Carolina, the site of the next primary January 21.

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