Jack Abramoff: Washington Corruption Remains Legal and Prevalent

Out of jail, Jack Abramoff is crusading to expose the system in which he once thrived.

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What would you have done differently in your career?

The things I pled to and there's probably a plethora of other things that I would not have done that weren't necessarily illegal that should be.

Is there something you're proud of?

I was able to achieve a lot of good things for my clients. And I'm proud of the fact that my wife and I gave about 80 percent of the money we made away to causes, charities, and communal efforts.

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What will you do next?

I've been working with Lionsgate Entertainment on a reality show that's related a bit to the space I was in. That's another way to educate people, bring the public a little closer to that world, so that they can see what's happening.

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