Should Herman Cain Drop Out of the 2012 Race?

The latest sex scandal is one of many problems plaguing the Cain campaign.

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Though Herman Cain told supporters Tuesday that he was "reassessing" his campaign, Herman Cain has yet to drop out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Talk of a Cain resignation emerged when a fresh sex scandal reared its ugly head, threatening to derail his already floundering campaign. Monday, Cain announced that a woman would accuse him of having an affair with her; that women, Ginger White, indeed made such an allegation, confessing that she and Cain had an on-and-off 13-year extramarital affair.

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Some, like Robert Schlesinger, argue that a consensual extramarital affair in and of itself is not relevant to a person's ability to govern. Backing up such claims is that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who has admitted to adulterous behavior himself, is rising in the polls as Cain falls. However, this latest scandal is one of many problems plaguing Cain campaign. Details of sexual harassment allegations from Cain's past have trickled out since Politico first broke the story a month ago. Susan Milligan asserts that harassment belongs in a separate category entirely from that of a consensual affair, and thus should be taken much more seriously. In addition to the sex scandals, Cain has committed many gaffes, including a complete fumbling of the current situation in Libya, causing voters to question his competency. Former Governor and 2012 rival Jon Huntsman is one of many suggesting Cain should drop out.

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