Should Ronald Reagan Be Added to Mount Rushmore?

GOP 2012 candidates suggest Reagan be added to the South Dakota monument,

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In an interview with ABC News/Yahoo! Tuesday, presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann said she would like to see former President Ronald Reagan's face added to Mount Rushmore. Also on her list of Rushmore-worthy presidents were Calvin Coolidge and James Garfield. When asked who he would like to see on the South Dakota monument, GOP 2012 contender Herman Cain agreed with Bachmann on Reagan, but only after he said—rather ambiguously—he would like to see someone who "hasn't been president yet" on the monument that currently includes the faces of former Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

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Reagan has been a valuable touchstone for Republicans in the 2012 presidential campaign. One of the GOP debates was held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi, California. Many commentators, including U.S. News contributor  Peter Roff, see parallels between the conditions that led to Reagan's defeat of the incumbent former President Jimmy Carter—poor economy, ineffective government—and those Republicans face today with President Barack Obama. Most politicians, including Democrats, agree that the Reagan administration dramatically changed the direction of the country. For better or for worse? Depends on whom you ask.

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