Will You Read Bill Clinton's Latest Book 'Back to Work'?

The former president assesses the "mess" in which the country finds itself.

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Former President Bill Clinton's newest book Back to Work will be released Tuesday. The Associated Press received an advanced copy and Beth Fouhy reported some of the details. Not surprisingly, the Democrat criticized Republicans. He blames the "mess" the country is in on the Tea Party movement and its anti-government sentiments, which he traces back to the 1980s. He also holds the Bush administration and GOP lawmakers responsible for the current deficit. However, he is critical of Democrats too, arguing that today's liberal politicians, including President Barack Obama, do not stand up to Republicans and could do more to address the economic crisis. He also claims that he "couldn't persuade" Democratic "decision makers" to release clear-cut talking points that would have helped Democrats promote their agenda. This is Clinton's third book—he released his bestselling memoir My Life in 2004 and Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World in 2007.

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