Should Herman Cain's Accuser Be Allowed to Talk?

The lawyer of Herman Cain's accuser says the woman wants to tell her side of the story.


Speculation surrounding Herman Cain's sexual harassment scandal continues as the lawyer of one of his accusers tells media that she wants to come forth with her side of the story. Joel P. Bennett, who represented both of the women who accused Cain of inappropriate behavior in the 1990s, is now asking for the National Restaurant Association (it was during Cain's time at the lobbying firm when the allegations were made) to allow the woman to speak about the scandal. As a part of the original settlement, Cain's accusers signed a non-disclosure agreement in return for reportedly $35,000 in severance pay.

[Walsh's Washington: More Trouble Brews for the Cain Campaign]

The Cain campaign has been reeling since Politico published the story of the accusations Sunday. While denying that candidate had ever harassed anyone, Cain and his representatives skirting around questions about the existence of the allegations until Cain admitted there was a settlement Monday. Since, Cain has been ambiguous about the details of the affair, saying he had trouble remembering exactly what happened. However, he has called the two women’s allegations "totally baseless and totally false,' a claim many think the accusers should be permitted to refute. When asked whether the non-disclosure agreement should be terminated, Cain’s campaign manager Mark Block said he would address the issue "when it's appropriate."

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