5 Scary Things in Politics This Halloween

5 scary things about politics in 2011

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Were-candidates. By day, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich are running for president. But come the full moon, they turn back into book-hawking self-promoters. Or is it the other way around? With Cain's 15 minutes ticking away and Gingrich's showing signs of commencing (recent polls have given Newt sole if distant possession of third place behind Cain and Mitt Romney), questions linger about what exactly they're up to. Neither has a ground campaign to speak of in key early states; they insist that they are inventing new ways to run for president. Don't hold your breath.

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A soul-less candidate. In a way, Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, is the scariest candidate of all. Especially in comparison with the J.V. rogues' gallery he has been on stage with, he comes across as reasonable. Romney's famous, ahem, ideological flexibility may make him seem unthreatening. But that utter lack of a core would make him dangerous in office because he'd need to get re-elected. A President Romney would remain carefully tuned in to the needs of the ideological right. And that's a really scary notion.

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