Should Sarah Palin Run for President?

The Palin team is still looking into a possible 2012 campaign.


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has less than a month to decide to run for president, as October 28 is the deadline to get on the ballot of the New Hampshire primary. Politico reports that the Palin team may know this too; a law firm that employs a SarahPAC lawyer has been looking into the filing dates for primaries in states across the country.

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With New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s announcement that he will not be running for president, Palin might sense an opening for her to jump in, or at least the general Republican electorate dissatisfaction with the current field that fueled calls for Christie to run. Yet the party may have already dismissed her as a legitimate candidate. Fox News chief Roger Ailes explained his decision to hire Palin, "I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings," a response that seems to downplay how seriously Palin could be taken as a politician. Furthermore, the GOP field has plenty of social conservative, Tea Party-affiliated candidates, from Texas Gov. Rick Perry to Rep. Michele Bachmann to former Godfather’s Pizza  CEO Herman Cain. The desire for a candidate who could unite moderate and more conservative voters—a candidate that could both impress primary voters and defeat President Obama in the general election—drove the interest in Christie. Is Palin really that candidate?

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