Is Herman Cain the 'Flavor of the Week'?

Some wonder if the attention Herman Cain is receiving really makes him a legitimate candidate.

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Once considered a fringe candidate, Herman Cain has seen a surge in his popularity in the race for the Republican nomination for president. His victory in a Florida straw poll was a notable upset to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who was expected to win the contest. Since, Cain has taken on Perry directly, criticizing the Texas governor for having a rock at his family's hunting camp that bared the name "Niggerhead."

The Perry rivalry is not the only thing putting Cain in the spotlight. He got the attention of many by suggesting that African-Americans have be "brainwashed" into voting for Democrats. He also addressed the comments made by Morgan Freeman that the Tea Party was racist. Though he still lags behind front-runners Perry and former Gov. Mitt Romney, the Cain campaign saw a surge in fundraising after the straw poll win. Furthermore, experts such as Rick Newman are paying attention to his ideas, especially his 9-9-9 tax plan.

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Not everyone is impressed by Cain's ascent into the number three spot of the GOP field. Sarah Palin suggesting he was the "flavor the week" and mistakenly called him "Herb Cain." (She later clarified the remarks, saying she did not mean to dismiss Cain but rather critique the media in its coverage of the GOP race). Nevertheless, Cain's sudden rise is reminiscent of Bachmann's popularity spurt after her Iowa straw poll win. Bachmann's campaign now appears to be losing steam, especially as Cain's picks up. But is Cain destined for a similiar fate?

What do you think? Is Herman Cain a legitimate candidate or a "flavor of the week"? Take the poll and comment below.

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