Will You Read the Sarah Palin Biography 'The Rogue?'

Scandalous details leak from the gossipy biography.

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The Rogue, an unauthorized biography about former Gov. Sarah Palin will not be released to the public until September 20, but it has already accrued much buzz. The author, Joe McGinniss moved next door to the Palin family home in Wasilla, Alaska to conduct his research; the Palin's responded by building at 14-foot wall. McGinniss badgered Wasilla residents for dirt on the 2008 vice presidential candidate. Among the more scandalous accusations that have leaked from his book: Palin had a one night stand with future NBA player Glenn Rice; Palin and her husband Todd snorted cocaine off of an oil drum; Palin may practice Dominionism, an extreme branch of Christianity that believes that the country should be governed by conservative biblical law; Palin was racist; and Palin had an affair with her husband's business partner.

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Todd Palin has already denied McGinniss's allegations, saying in a press statement that McGinniss was "the most disingenuous and intellectual dishonest writer [Palin colleagues interviewed for the book had] ever dealt with," and one who  "traffics in innuendo and falsehoods." New York Times book critic Janet Maslin also panned the book, calling it "unsubstantiated gossip" and writing off McGinniss's findings as "dated, petty and easily available to anyone with Internet access."  Strangely enough, one of three copies of the book that were released early was sent to Gary Trudeau and he too mocked The Rogue on his Doonesbury comic strip.  [ Check out political cartoons about Palin.]

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